Dr.  Dimitri Japaridze  is  a Director  of the Institute of Economics and Business, Professor at the Ilia State University (ISU). He worked as a Dean of the Faculty of Business and  Law. Since 2010 he carries out the function of the Speaker of Representative Council at ISU.

In 2005-2007 Dr. Dimitri Japaridze was elected as a Vice-Chair of the Trade Committee of the United Nation’s Economic Commission for Europe (UN ECE, Geneva). In 2008-09, served as a Chairman of the Stakeholders Committee in the Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund. He has a long experience of being involved in business sector of Georgia. For the period of 12 years, he worked on different positions in Georgian commercial banks. In 2003-2008, he had been elected as a president of the National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Georgia). Currently, he has been advising Georgian Employers Association, Georgian Small and Medium Enterprises Association, Georgian Banking Association, etc. The spheres of his research interest are: SMEs, Entrepreneurship, Innovation Policy and Strategy, EU economic integration, etc.



Davit Tutberidze is a deputy director of the Institute of Economics and Business at Ilia State University (ISU), holding a PhD degree in Business Administration since 2018 at ISU. He is an associated professor in econometrics at ISU and San Diego State University Georgia. Davit also works as a head of the macroeconomic research unit at the National Bank of Georgia.

He earned his MA degree in Economics at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, and also holds master’s degree in Computer Sciences from Tbilisi State University. His research interests include econometric modeling, statistical inference and forecasting. Davit has a good command of English and Russian.



Dr. Wonkyu Shin is a Researcher at the Institute of Economics and Business and currently teaches micro and macroeconomics courses at Ilia State University (ISU).

As an expert on global trade, economic policy, and development cooperation, he has provided research-based policy consulting and advisory services for various Korean ministries, private sectors, and NGOs for more than 15 years. Before joining ISU, he was a Visiting Professor at the Center for International Development Cooperation at Kyung Hee University and a Research Specialist at the Division of Development Research of Center for International Development, Korea Development Institute (KDI).

Also, he served as an Associate Editor of International Economic Journal (IEJ) and a steering member for Korea International Economic Association (KIEA) and Korea Association of Trade and Industrial Studies (KATIS), and the National Committee for K-SDGs (Korea’s Sustainable Development Goals) between 2017-2019.

His research topics are trade & development cooperation, WTO/FTA studies, and development partnership using tools of Sustainable Development Goals implementation: trade, innovation, ODA, and Foreign Direct Investment. His research has been featured in top journals, including World Development, World Economy, World Trade Review, Journal of World Trade, and Structural Change and Economic Dynamics ( He received the Vice Prime Ministerial (Ministry of Education) award in South Korea recommended by the Korean National Research Foundation in 2018. Also, he has been selected as a Research Professor of the Korea National Research Foundation (NRF) since 2021.

He received his Ph.D. degrees in International Studies (International Commerce) from the Graduate School of International Studies at Seoul National University in 2015.




Irakli Katcharava is an associate professor at Ilia State University, Business School and leads bachelor programme in Business Administration. He has seven years of teaching experience at both private and public universities in Georgia and abroad. Currently, he teaches quantitative subjects at undergraduate and graduate levels at Ilia State University.

Mr. Katcharava is a Head of Analytical Division of the Public Debt at the Ministry of Finance of Georgia. He previously led the Macroeconomic Forecasting and Fiscal Risk Assessment Division at the same Ministry. His research interest includes Government Securities Market Development, Fiscal Policy, Development Economics and Quantitative Finance.

Irakli Katcharava is a Ph.D. student at Ilia State University (ISU), Business School. He earned his MA degree in Economics at International School of Economics (ISET).



David Gamkrelidze is a research assistant of Institute of Economics and Business at Ilia State University (ISU) and a PhD student at ISU business school, making his doctoral research on International Financial Markets and Capital Market Development in Georgia. At the same time, he is invited lecturer/trainer at ISU, Georgia-American University (GAU) and Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia (MoF).

David has earned Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance at Tbilisi State University. He also holds MBA Degree from Tbilisi State University and another Master’s Degree in Finance from Bank of Georgia Teaching University.

With 10 years of working experience in diverse financial positions both at public and private fields, David has gained an extensive insight within Budgeting and Financial Planning, Accounting and Reporting (IFRS, IPSAS, PEFA), Analysis and Forecasting.

Currently he works as a Head of the Department at the State Treasury, responsible for ensuring efficient and safe investment of funds.



Giorgi Danelia is an associate professor at Ilia State University, Business School. He has four years of teaching experience at both private and public universities. Currently, he teaches Financial Management at the graduate level at Ilia State University. Mr. Danelia is a Director of the Pension Agency of Georgia. He previously served as a Deputy CEO at Partnership Fund, supervising the investment activity within the Fund. Before, he held different positions at the Fund, including investment officer, head of Investment Department, etc. Mr. Danelia worked in the private sector, specifically in the Insurance and management consulting fields. Giorgi Danelia is a Ph.D. in Economics from Tbilisi State University, an M.Sc in International Economics and Finance from Magdeburg University (Germany), and a BBA from Caucasus University/Caucasus School of Business.


Revaz Geradze is a deputy head of the Natural Gas Department at Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC). He is a main delegate of Georgia in the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA). He has held the position of head of the Macroeconomic Analysis Unit at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. Revaz Geradze is an associate professor at Ilia State University and has 10 years of teaching experience at various universities in Georgia and abroad. He is also actively engaged in the research process. He holds a PhD degree in Business Administration from Tbilisi State University. He has MA in Economics from the International School of Economics (ISET), and MSc in International Economics and Finance from Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (OVGU).



David Oboladze is a researcher of Institute of Economics and Business. He holds a Ph.D. degree in economics. He worked as an Invited lecturer of the Faculty of Business at the ISU. He also holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Bachelor’s (LL.B.) in Law.

He is an experienced government budget analyst, economic researcher and legal consultant in Georgian financial law, familiar with legal drafting, budgeting process and practices in the Parliament of Georgia thorough knowledge of the methods of fiscal analysis and financial management.

From 2005, He holds First Class Adviser grade of the Civil Service, with 15 years experience in the Parliament of Georgia. Currently, he works in Parliament Budget Office as a Chief Specialist.

He has a considerable experience of being involved in business sector, NGO’s and international organizations which operate in Georgia. In 1998 – 2001, he worked as a Parliamentary Budget Adviser in BARENTS GROUP LLC – USAID, Fiscal Reform Group of Georgia. In 2004-2005, USAID – Small Medium Enterprise Support Project, Georgia Enterprise Growth Initiative (GEGI). Later on, he continued work as an expert-analyst of the Petroleum, Tobacco and Alcohol analytical center in The Federation of Georgian Businessman Office.

David Oboladze is co founder of the Young Economists’ Association and Young Lawyers’ Association of Georgia.



Zaza Pharsenadze is a researcher of the Institute of Economics and Business at Ilia State University and holds a PhD degree in Economics since 2019.

Mr. Pharsenadze has a long experience in diverse financial positions both at public and private sectors. For the period of 22 years, he worked in different positions in Georgian commercial banks and has gained extensive insight into Banking, Budgeting and Financial Planning, Analysis and Forecasting.

Currently he works as a Head of the Batumi Branch at the Ziraat Bank of Georgia.


Ketevan Nadirashvili is working as the Deputy Head of Financial markets department since 2011. She took over the position just after successfully completing the Investment Management system (Wall Street Systems) implementation at NBG. Activities she performed included managing of all stages of project cycle: negotiating, scoping, configuration building, implementation and testing. Meanwhile she is responsible for monitoring, supporting and updating the WSS in accordance with the investment strategy of the bank. Later she leaded and managed the project of development of Business Continuity plan for all critical systems of NBG.

She holds MBA degree from Maastricht School of Management and MPA degree from GIPA.


Elza Jgerenaia is a Head of Labour and Employment Policy Department at the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs. She is responsible for strategic planning, policy elaboration and implementation process and collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO), European Union , World Bank (WB) and other international and governmental agencies. She is leading Labour Rights administration effort to modernize the labour inspection, Social Partnership and Employment policy in Georgia in order to ensure a credible and successful governance system in building of decent working conditions and implementing supportive employment services.

Elza Jgerenaia is PhD Fellow in Business Administration at Ilia State University. As a PhD student she made a research in private pension systems development issues at the University of Minho, Braga in Portugal (Erasmus Mundus students exchange Program – Electra project) for one year. She received a Master’s degree in Management of Social Sphere from Tbilisi State University and also holds BA degrees in Management of Health Care.

In her previous various activities, Elza Jgerenaia has served both in different governmental/ non-governmental fields and also in International Organization– Solidarity Center- AFL-CIO, which stands with workers as it defends human rights to freedom of association, supporting them as they organize, advocate and build worker voice.

She is the author of several scientific articles and publications.

She speaks English, Russian and Portuguese.



Otar Antia is a PhD student at Ilia State University (ISU) business school, working on thesis related to the Sustainable Economic Development and Entrepreneurship and Green Business Opportunities in Georgia.

In 2012 Otar obtained his MBA Concentration in Energy Management and since January 2011, he is the Co-founder and Head of Strategic Development department of the Association of Young Professionals in Energy of Georgia. His other experience also includes Audit Department in the Revenue Service of Georgia, under the Ministry of Finance. In 2008 Otar has also worked as an Economic Researcher for the Center of Economic Research of Cochise Country (Arizona, USA) and US Department of State Grant Scholar. During his bachelor studies Otar was awarded with highly competitive educational program scholarship – UGRAD – administered and funded by US department of state.

Currently Otar is a head of Enterprise Development Department at the LEPL Entrepreneurship Development Agency, the institution in charge of State Program “Produce in Georgia” with a portfolio of more than 120 companies with a total investment volume of more than GEL 400 Mln.

Prior to joining the Entrepreneurship Development Agency, Otar served as a head of Sustainable Development Department at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia where he was in charge of shaping country’s sustainable economic development and green growth strategies, identification of green business opportunity areas, in line with conducting needs assessment for green business development.


Lana Chkhartishvili is a PhD student at Ilia State University (ISU) business school, doing her doctoral work on the topic of Responsible Business Conduct (RBC), OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

In 2010 Lana obtained MA degree in International Business Law from Georgian Institute for Public Affairs. In 2006 Lana was enrolled at Georgetown University and Charles University business program administered by American Institute on Political and Economic Systems in Prague, Czech Republic, same year she obtained diploma of successfully completing a summer program in international business and politics.

In 2009, Lana started to work at Ministry of Justice Training Center as projects manager being responsible for different educational and training programs for Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and Prosecutors Office staff.

In 2013 Lana moved to an American NGO, East West Management Institute (EWMI)Judicial Independence and Legal Empowerment Project (JILEP) component III responsible for Georgian legal education. Currently Lana isinvolved in teaching process, she teaches several subjects to BA and MBA students at Ilia State University business school. Together with her PhD studies Lana is actively involved in organizing short term trainings for ISU students in project writing and project management.



Rusudan Mamatsashvili is an Assistant Researcher of Institute of Economics and Business, a PhD student and a guest lecturer at Ilia State University.

Ms Mamatsashvili has been working in public sector for over 7 years. Currently, she holds the position of the First Deputy Head at the Georgian National Tourism Administration.  She received Master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from the Gothenburg University (Sweden) and Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Tbilisi State University.


Maka Kikilashvili is an Assistant-Researcher of Institute of Economics and Business, PHD Student at Ilia State University (ISU). Since 2009 she works at Economic Development Agency of Tbilisi City Hall. For five years she has worked at Investment Development and City Marketing Department; since 2014 – at City Planning and Analyze Department.

In addition to her role as public servant she is active in different academic institutions and activities including working as a faculty member in various universities from 2009 to 2017. Also, training activities are part of her vocation and avocation. In 2016-2017 served as a trainer of business competencies program for teachers in the framework of the project “Georgia’s Primary Education” implemented by USAID Chemonics International Inc., and also by the Saving Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC). Recently, she got involved in “Cost – European Cooperation in Science and Technology”.

Her research interest spheres are: HRM, Marketing, Behavioral and Collaborative Economics, and etc.



Irakli Ugulava is geoinformation systems’ specialist. He pursued Iv. Javakhishvili University’s Master program at the faculty of Geography and was awarded the qualification of Manager of Nature Protection. He was qualified as an alpine guide and worked in mountain tourism sector. He has taught over the years at Bachelor’s program of Tourism Management at Ilia State University.

He has significant experience in database management and GIS programming and digital cartography. Since 2003 he runs his company in geo-information and tourism field, also is a co-founder and senior GIS expert at LTD Geoland.


Ilia Janjalashvili is a PHD student at Ilia State University. The title of his dissertation research is “Cultural Management Optimisation in Georgia by Way of Improved Financing Practice”. In 2014-2015 he was invited lecturer at Ilia State University and delivered the course of Public Finances in the field of culture.

He has long experience of working in public and private sectors. He has previously held positions at the Oil and Gas Regulatory State Agency, TBC Bank and Agency of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia. At present, he works at the Ministry of Energy of Georgia – Oil and Gas State Agency as a financier in the contract and licenses department.



Nana Khetsuriani is an Assistant Researcher of Institute of Economics and Business at Ilia State University (ISU) and a Ph.D student of the “Lehman-Haupt International Doctoral Programme” at Georg-August University of Goettingen (UGOE) and Ilia State University (ISU) with the specialization in development economics.

Nana is also a visiting lecturer at East European University (EEU) and International Black Sea University (IBSU). She has an experience in consulting at People Advisory Services at EY Georgia. Her research interest includes development economics, fiscal policy, income inequality.

Nana obtained her MA degree in economics at International School of Economics at TSU (ISET) and holds bachelor’s degree in business administration from Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She is fluent in English and Russian.