High-performance Organizations in the Banking System of Georgia

During the last two decades, the management theory has achieved significant results in determining the indicators and characteristics of high performance organizations. In general, people, organizations, structure, design, culture, processes, technologies, environmental factors are the factors that determine the success of the organization. However, many studies s and work papers were dedicated to investigate in details what are the factors helping organizations to achieve such a special status.

In the survey “High Performance Organizations in the Georgian Banking System” carried out by ILIA PHD student Keti Nadirashvili, Professor Andre de Waal from Maastricht School of Management and Dimitri Japaridze, professor at ILIA, the Georgian banking system was analyzed from the perspective of High Performance Organizations (HPO) methodology. Analysis was founded on the theoretical framework of the HPO, created by Dutch researcher Andre de Waal. The questionnaires developed by Professor Andre de Waal were used to investigate and measure the perceptions of diverse range of managers in the Georgian banking industry that is famous by its fine performance. Consequently, the high results of HPO analysis were expected. The research showed that average rate of commercial banks is 8.5, which is HPO average indicator.

The highest score-8.8 from five factors was assigned to the – factor1- Quality of Management. The second factor is-Openness and the Action orientation grade as 7.8. The third factor- Long-term Orientation has been assessed as 8.6. Constant improvement and renewal is fourth important factor. And the last factor is Employee quality matching the score-8.2 points.

The research results have confirmed that the Georgian commercial banks expend considerable resources to achieve sustainable success. They are oriented on constant improvement in the long run, what makes them “high performance organizations”. (See the article here).