DESCnet Young Researchers’ Seminar, 2018

The University of Tartu Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies hosted the Young Researchers Workshop: “Teaching in a Multicultural Environment” as a part of the Jean Monnet Network DESCnet project from February 8th to 14th 2018.

The workshop aimed at bringing together a group of 10 doctoral students and junior researchers from nine partner institutions. Among participants there was an Assistant Researcher of the Institute of Economics and Business at Ilia State University, PHD student Ilia Janajalashvil.

The events such as workshops, seminars were held over a number of venues during which participants discussed questions about possibilities to teach politically sensitive topics for multicultural groups of students without provoking divisive effects, the ways instructors can avoid conflicts while touching upon politically controversial issues in class and in other forms of educational activities, etc. Workshop participants also exchanged information and experience on the subject of “Ethno Politics in Central and Eastern Europe”, “Interactive Learning Methodologies”, etc.