Data Analysis Using Excel

Institute of Economics and Business of the Ilia State University has published a textbook “Data Analysis Using Excel”, which is based on the latest version of Excel (2019) and provides a detailed overview of its capabilities.

In particular, the textbook presents the general characteristics and basic formulas of the program, as well as details of various functional groups, for example: logical, textual, date-related, statistical, mathematical, and financial formulas. Along with a variety of theoretical material, the publication is rich with many practical examples as well as visual effects and images.

The book is structured so as to provide the user with comprehensive content, such as basic Excel functions, dynamic graphs, automatically updated tables, financial modeling techniques, and solutions to optimization tasks.

The publication will help not only the excel course students but also those from other related areas. Because of the consistent and reader-oriented structure, the book will be useful both for beginners as well as for experienced data analysts. Along with students, the user range of the textbook may include representatives of any other field, who are interested in modern techniques of data processing and visualization.

Authors of the book: Rezo Beradze, Irakli Gabriadze

Book editors: Dimitri Japaridze (Professor), David Gamkrelidze (Associate Professor)

Graphical support: Ketevan Gogava